NL Cross Chain - Gungrey
NL Cross Chain - Gungrey
  • Afbeelding in Gallery-weergave laden, NL Cross Chain - Gungrey
  • Afbeelding in Gallery-weergave laden, NL Cross Chain - Gungrey

NL Cross Chain - Gungrey

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Normale prijs
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We are proudly introducing the AW20' design "Kant Signature ring - Silver tone":

✓ 316L stainless steel ring

✓ "Kant" is the Danish word for "Edge", which refers to the unique shape of this ring. 

✓ 100% Nickel free

✓ Polished surface

✓ Northern Legacy logo engraved inside the ring

✓ PVD plated - corrosion resistant

✓ Handmade
✓ Top width: 10-11mm, bottom width: 6mm

Care instructions

We have spent hours creating your new jewelry, and we want to help you preserve the shiny surface of the steel as well as the unique expression of the handcrafted stone the best way possible. We advise you to follow these steps in order to maintain the beautiful look, and the longevity of your product:

Avoid sweat / shower / hand washing

Take care of your jewelry by removing them before showering, swimming or other physical activities. Limit the contact with soap and washing liquids as a coating may emerge on the stainless steel or the stone risk discolouring. In addition, it is a good idea to avoid wearing the jewelry when washing hands as the stone might loosen. Otherwise, the longevity of the jewelry will be reduced.


Avoid all kinds of chemicals

We advise avoiding all kinds of chemicals like soap, creme, hair products, perfume, oils, etc., as a coating may emerge or cause the stone to loosen. 

Avoid sleeping with the jewelry

Preserve your jewelry the best way possible by avoiding unnecessary blows or chips, especially while sleeping. We recommend taking off your jewelry when sleeping, and advice you to store your jewelry in a jewelry box. This could be our own NL Vegvisir Collector box, which is perfect for this matter. 

Avoid knocks and blows with other surfaces

Scratches and bulges may emerge on a surface level. Wear and tear are a natural process of jewelry but remember that scratches and blows are not included in your warranty